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No matter how hard we try to solve our problems, they never seem to disappear. Is it possible to thrive in a society that values money and power? No matter how much time, effort, and money we put into projects that only provide bandages, our future remains uncertain.

Do you want to put an end to wars, conflicts, violence, and division? 

We must build a society that eliminates all of that and creates conditions for us to thrive - a Creative Society!

← There is a way out

Only by working together can we achieve greatness - a society that values human life and benefits everyone.

← we still have a chance


Our society must shift from consumer-driven to human-centric, the Creative Society.

We are running out of time due to extreme climatic events and political & financial crises.

Without action today, we will not have the future we all deserve. Wars, hunger, greed, injustice, hate, and separation will continue to kill us.

8 Pillars of a Creative Society

We have a solution to all global, national, local, and personal problems. It is a format of society that allows us to live, thrive, and enjoy our lives - the Creative Society.
Human life and Human well-being are the highest priorities. 
This idea was built on the historic 10 years of a social survey of people from 180 countries. Based on the answers received, these are the requests of people:

A Human is the fundamental unit of society.
Humanity is one big family.

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8 Pillars of a Creative Society

← a life we deserve

Human life is the highest value. The life of any Human has to be protected as one's own. The goal of society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Human's life. There is not and never can there be anything else more valuable than a Human's life. If one Human is valuable, then all People are valuable!

#1 Human Life

Every human is born with the right to be a Human being. All People are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose. There can be no one and nothing on Earth superior to a Human, his freedom and rights. The implementation of Human rights and freedoms must not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

#2 Human Freedom

No one and nothing in society have the right to create threats to the life and freedom of a Human!

Every Human is guaranteed free provision of essential life necessities, including food, housing, medical care, education and full social security.

Scientific, industrial and technological activities of the society should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

Guaranteed economic stability: no inflation and crises, stable and same prices around the world, a single monetary unit, and a fixed minimal taxation or no tax.

The security of Human and society from any kind of threats is ensured by the unified global service that deals with emergency situations.

#3 Human Safety

Every Human has the right to receive reliable information about the movement and distribution of public funds. Each Human has access to information about the status of implementation of the society’s decisions.

The mass media belong exclusively to the society and reflect information truthfully, openly, and honestly.

#4 Transparency and Openness of Information


Ideology should be aimed at popularizing the best human qualities and stopping everything that is directed against a Human. The main priority is the priority of humanity, high spiritual and moral aspirations of a Human, humanness, virtue, mutual respect, and strengthening of friendship.

Creating conditions for the development and education of a Human with a capital “H”, cultivating moral values in each person and society.

Prohibition of propaganda of violence, condemnation and denunciation of any form of division, aggression, and anti-humane manifestations.

#5 Creative Ideology

Every person in the Creative society has the right to comprehensive development and personal fulfillment.

Education should be free and equally accessible to all. Creating conditions and expanding opportunities for a Human to implement his or her creative abilities and talents.

#6 Development of Personality

All natural resources belong to Humans and are fairly distributed among all people. Monopolization of resources and their irrational use is prohibited. These resources are fairly distributed among the citizens of the entire Earth.

A Human is guaranteed employment if he or she so desires. Pay for an identical position, specialty, or profession should be the same all over the world.

Everyone has the right to private property and income, however within the limits of the individual's capitalization amount set by the society.

#7 Justice and Equality

The concept of "power" in the Creative society is absent, since the responsibility for society as a whole, its development, living conditions and harmonious format, lies with each Human.

Everyone has the right to participate in the management of the affairs of the Creative society and in the adoption of laws that improve Human life.

The solution of socially important, socially significant, and economic issues that affect the quality of a Human’s life is submitted for public discussion and voting (referendum).

#8 Self-Governing Society

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8 Pillars of a Creative Society

The Creative Society format that benefits everyone is only possible if people know about it, understand its benefits and choose to live this way.

Holding a universal referendum on the adoption by the entire humanity of a creative model of development as the only acceptable one and crucial to the survival of humankind.

World referendum

Formation of the Creative Society political parties in different countries with a single ideology of the Creative Society. The overall coordination of the parties is carried out by the International Central Committee that is outside of politics and religion. The goal is simple: to use politics as a tool not of division, but of unification of people.

Political stage

Information Stage

Informing humanity about the Creative Society. Each concerned human can inform the maximum number of people about the Creative Society. This is what many honest, decent people from different countries of the world are actively doing now.

Step 1

Creative Society implementation plan is simple:

Step 2

Step 3

we are here  

We are now at the Informational stage and in order to inform 8 billion people we need to act fast. It is already obvious to many that society is now on the verge. But we still have time. Your time or donation will help us advance Creative Society format in the shortest way possible.

Informational Stage

← uniting in one goal



Ongoing Projects Your Time or Donation Supports

What is being done now by advocates and volunteers of a Creative Society, a nonprofit, nonpartisan movement:

May 2019

Society. The Last Chance.

The unique video conference in human history. The truth which was voiced by the entire world!

June 2019

Press Conference
“For Creative Society!”

People themselves in the United States and around the world have felt the need for these global changes in world society. 

December 2020

Creative Society. United We Can.

On this day, the message that we, the people, are ready to act to build a safe, humane, and happy society, swept around the world with a creative wave!

July 2021

Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone.

Purpose of the conference is to provide a comprehensive, thorough overview of external and internal factors of the rapidly progressing global crisis that is affecting everyone.

december 2021

Global Crisis. Time For The Truth.

The international online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth" is a large-scale event organized by volunteers from 180 countries on the platform of Creative Society.

may 2022

Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want To Live.

International online forum "Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live" is a large-scale and unprecedented event, organized thanks to the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. 

September 2022

Global Crisis. USA.

This conference is for every person that is ready to peacefully transition from the current society format into a format that will guarantee “The American Dream” for each citizen. This is an evolutionary leap in humanity that will allow us to solve all problems once and for all. We will all gain a life we deserve and can be proud of.

November 2022

Global Crisis.
Our Survival Is In Unity.

Without exaggeration, this is the largest event in the world! The first and only event with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. It is organized thanks to unification of volunteers from 180 countries on the independent platform of the Creative Society Project.

It will be broadcast live on YouTube, social and media platforms, TV, and radio stations around the world! What is impossible for the world's largest organizations to do — we make it a reality. This is the 8th global Forum initiated and implemented by volunteers.

APRIL 22 2023

Global Crisis.
There Is A Way Out.

To our regret, over 27 years of research, we have never made a single mistake in our forecasts. Currently, every passing day only confirms the accuracy of our mathematical model. The climate cerberus is gaining strength with each passing moment. It is obvious that if we do not take action, all of humanity will perish.

On April 22nd, 2023, at the forum “Global Crisis. There is a Way Out”, we will reveal in detail what everyone can do to prevent a global catastrophe.

we are here  

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Help us all live in a Creative Society. 

The solution is simple.

When we build a cohesive society that benefits everyone, a Creative Society, we will survive and thrive!

We need a Creative Society!

Our ONLY solution to global, national, local, and personal issues and problems.



We need your help to reach 8 billion people with the information about the life-saving Creative Society format as soon as possible! Only with you, can we make a difference and guarantee a bright future for all!

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Creative Society is the only project driven by people for people, outside of politics and religion, uniting everyone in one goal - building a mutually beneficial society of our dreams!

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